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Suhru Ember

2012 Suhru Ember

Deep magenta in color,
this red blend has blackberry,
dark plums and cassis aromas
apparent on the nose. All flow onto the full,
lush mid-palate with hints of vanilla
and a touch of toasty oak on the finish.
The rich tannins linger on and on.



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Suhru Pinot Grigio

2015 Suhru Pinot Grigio


The citrus aromas and

the lemon and lime flavors become apparent

on the palate mixed with a hint of grapefruit.

The crisp citrus and lemon/lime acidity

compliments the

refreshing lime finish.                                                                                                                              



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Suhru Shiraz

2012 Suhru Shiraz

With a deep vibrant hue,
this Shiraz’s aroma
is bursting with red fruit and cranberry,
along with hints of spice box.
Its silky smooth tannins were enhanced
from the oak aging and define this wine,
with hints of vanilla.
A very elegant finish makes
this a very enjoyable wine

Retail Price: $22.50


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Sauvignon Blanc

2013 Suhru Sauvignon Blanc

This wine’s aroma abounds
with citrus fruit,
lemon peel, gooseberry,
and a hint of flintiness.
Lemon zest is apparent on
the palate,
the mid palate presents
crisp mouth refreshing
acidity and a lush rich fruit
texture on the finish.

Retail Price: $17.95


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Dry Riesling

2014 Suhru Dry Riesling

Light yellow in color, hints
of white peach, tangerine
red delicious apple and
floral carnation petals
abound from the glass.
Lush tropical fruit
mingles wonderfully
with the zingy mid palate
acidity. It’s an excellent
sipping wine and a perfect
compliment to seafood,
Asian cuisine, spicy
foods and barbecue.

Retail Price: $16.50


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5bottles Suhru™ Wines distributes our wines throughout New York State and New Jersey.  Look for our wines in your favorite Restaurants and Retail outlets. You can order our wines directly from this website and have them shipped to you.
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